Motorola Smart Phone & Tablet Batteries and Chargers

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Motorola Smart Phones & Tablets


Original Part Numbers

60i(c) A630 A728 A732 A760 A768 A768i A810 A1600 ATRIX 2 C118 C193 C250 C256 C257 C260 C261 C266 C333 C350 C350V C353 C359 C359V C370 C380 C381 C385 C390 C450 C550 C651 C975 C980 CLIQ CLIQ 2 CLIQ XT DEXT MB220 Domino Droid 2 A955 E6 E375 E380 E550 E680 E680g E680i E1000 E1070 Electrify EM28 EM30 EM35 EM330 Ischia ES400 EX119 EX128 EX130 EX200 EX201 EX223 EX226 FIRE FIRE XT i60c i867 KRZRK1 KRZRK1m KRZRK3 L2 L6 L6i MB855 MB865 ME501 ME600 ME722 ME860 ME863 ME865 Milestone Milestone 2 Milestone 3 Moto Z Moto Z Droid Moto Z Force Moto Z Force Droid MOTOLUXE Motoluxe MT680 MOTOROKR E6 Motosurf A3100 MT620 MT680 mt720 MT872 Nextel i60c PEBL U6 QUENCH XT3 QUENCH XT5 RAZR2 V8 RAZR2 V9 RAZR2 V9m RAZRV3 RAZRV3a RAZRV3c RAZRV3i RAZRV3im RAZRV3m RAZRV3r RAZRV3t RAZRV3x RAZRV8 RAZRV9 RIZRV3x RIZRZ3 RIZRZ6 ROKRE2 ROKRE8 SLVRL7 SLVRL7c SLVRL7e SLVRL7i SLVRL9 SLVRL71 SLVRL72 SMART MIX T280 T280i T720 T720c T720g T720i T720ti T721 T721g T722 T722i T725 T730 T730c T730i T731 T731c T5300 T5320 T5400 T5412 T5420 T5422 T5512 T5522 T5532 T5600 T5620 T5622 T5700 T5710 T5720 T5800 T5820 T5900 T5920 T5950 T7100 T7150 TalkAbout T4800 TalkAbout T4900 V3 V3ie V3t V60 V60c V60ci V60g V60gi V60i V60ig V60it V60p V60s V60ti V186 V226 V235 V300 V323 V325 V360 V360i V360v V361 V400 V400p V500 V505 V551 V557 V600 V600i V620 V630 V975 V980 V1100 VE538 W181 W205 W208 W218 W220 W230 W231 W270 W355 W388 W395 W396 W510 W562 W755 WILDER WX270 XOOM XT311 XT316 XT319 XT389 XT390 XT500 XT502 XT502 Greco XT502 Quench XT XT531 XT532 XT553 XT615 XT681 XT701 XT702 XT875 XT883 XT885 XT928 ZN200 ZN300
22302 56315 77732 AANN4337A AANN4337B B-7589 BA630 BA700 BC60 BP6X BR50 BT-50 BT50 BX610 CFNN1035 HKNN4002 HKNN4002B SNN5683A SNN5696 SNN5696A SNN5696B SNN5696C SNN5696D SNN5705 SNN5768 SNN5768A SNN5781A
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