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    You will normally find the original LCD screen part number(OEM P/No) from the back of the screen. Once you found the part number, please enter it into the box below and click on the 'Search' button.

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    270E5E-K01NL ATIV 2 Chromebook 303C Chromebook XE303C12 Chromebook XE303C12-A01 Chromebook XE303C12-A01CA Chromebook XE303C12-A01UK Chromebook XE303C12-A01US Chromebook XE303C12-A02 Chromebook XE303C12-A02FR Chromebook XE303C12-H01 Chromebook XE303C12-H01UK Chromebook XE303C12-H01US N120 N120-JA02SE N120-KA04US N127 N130 N130-KA04US N134 N135 N135-KA01US N145 -JP02 N145 PLUS N150 N150-JA01US N150-JA02US N150-JA03US N150-JA09US N150-JPB2 N150 PLUS N210 N220 N220 RED N230 N310 NB30 NB30-JA01US NB30 PLUS NC10 NC110 NC110-A01 NC110-A02 NC210 NP-130 NP-350 NP-N120 NP-N120-KA02US NP-N130 NP-N130-HAV2IT NP-N130-JA01US NP-N135 NP-N140 NP-N145 NP-N145-JP02US NP-N145-JP03CA NP-N148 NP-N150 NP-N150-HAV1US NP-N150-JA02ES NP-N150-JA02FR NP-N150-JA02US NP-N150-JP02CA NP-N150-JPB1US NP-N150-JPB2US NP-N210 NP-N210-JA02US NP-N250 NP-N310-HAA2US NP-N315 NP-NC10 NP-NC210 NP-NC210-A01RU NP-NC210-A02CA NP-NC210-A02RU NP-NF210-A03CA NP-Q45 NP-Q320 NP-QX410 NP-QX410-J NP-QX410-J-01US NP-QX410-J01US NP-QX411 NP-QX411-A01UB NP-QX411-W01 NP-QX411-W01UB NP-QX411-W02UB NP-QX411H NP-QX411I NP-R425 NP-R480-JAB1US NP-R480-JAB2US NP-R480L NP-SF410-A01 NP-SF410-A02 NP-SF411-A01 NP-SF411I NP-U350 NP200B4A-A01US NP200B4A-A02US NP300E4C NP300E4C-A02US NP300V4A-A01US NP300V4A-A02US NP300V4A-A03US NP300V4A-A04US NP350 NP350U2B-A01US NP350V5C NP370R5E NP400B2B-A01US NP400B4B-A01US NP530U4BL NP600B4B-A01US NP750XDA-KDAUK npn102sb01uk Q320-EXT Q430 Q430-JS03 Q430-JU01 QX410 QX410-J QX410-J01 QX410-S02 QX411 QX411-W01 QX411-W01UB QX411-W01US QX411-W02UB R410 R428 R430 R430-LA01US R430L R440 R460 R469 R469-JS01RU R480 R480-i3-330 R480-i5-430 R480-JAB1US R480-JAB2US SF410 SF410-S01CA SF411