Lenovo X Laptop Batteries, Chargers and Adapters

Rechargeable Laptop Batteries, Mains AC Adapters, DC Car & Aircraft Power Adapters and more...

Lenovo Laptops


Original Part Numbers

X 1 Carbon 7th Gen 20QD X 1 Carbon 7th Gen 20QE X 1 Carbon 20QD X 1 Carbon 20QE X 1 Yoga 5th Gen 20UB X 1 Yoga 5th Gen 20UC X 1 Yoga 20JD X 1 Yoga 20JE X 1 Yoga 20JF X 1 Yoga 20JG X 1 Yoga 20UB X 1 Yoga 20UC
00HW028 00HW029 01AV409 01AV410 01AV422 01AV423 01AV424 01AV425 01AV426 01AV427 01AV428 01AV438 01AV439 01AV440 01AV441 01AV444 01AV445 01AV446 01AV447 01AV448 01AV452 01AV457 01AV458 01AV460 01AV478 01AV479 01AV480 01AV490 01AV491 01AV492 02DL004 02DL005 02DL006 02DL023 0A36287 0A36302 0A36303 0A36309 0C52861 0C52862 121500143 121500146 121500147 121500148 121500171 121500172 121500173 121500174 121500191 121500242 121500243 121500244 3ICP7/38/65 40Y6791 40Y6793 40Y6999 40Y7001 40Y7003 42T4235 42T4506 42T4632 42T4633 42T4702 42T4703 42T4704 42T4708 42T4710 42T4712 42T4714 42T4731 42T4733 42T4735 42T4737 42T4751 42T4752 42T4753 42T4754 42T4755 42T4756 42T4757 42T4763 42T4765 42T4776 42T4790 42T4791 42T4793 42T4795 42T4796 42T4797 42T4799 42T4801 42T4802 42T4803 42T4817 42T4819 42T4845 42T4846 42T4847 42T4852 42T4912 42T5224 45N1001 45N1003 45N1005 45N1006 45N1007 45N1009 45N1011 45N1012 45N1013 45N1015 45N1037 45N1039 45N1124 45N1125 45N1126 45N1127 45N1128 45N1129 45N1130 45N1131 45N1132 45N1133 45N1134 45N1135 45N1136 45N1137 45N1173 45N1182 45N1184 45N1185 45N1708 45N1734 45N1735 45N1736 45N1737 45N1738 45N1767 45N1775 45N1777 4ICR19/66 4X50M08810 4X50M08812 51J0498 51J0499 51J0500 55Y2019 55Y2054 57Y4185 57Y4186 5B10H15335 5B10H15336 5B10H52788 5B10K10151 5B10K10153 5B10K10161 5B10K10191 5B10K10195 5B10K10199 5B10K10206 5B10K10211 5B10K10238 5B10K10240 5B10K37675 5B10K87720 5B10L13960 5B10L68713 5B10M41934 5B10M41935 5B10M86148 5B10M86149 5B10M88058 5B10M88059 5B10M90490 5B10M91442 5B10M91443 5B10P53998 5B10P54004 5B10P54005 5B10Q16066 5B10Q16067 5B10Q39202 5B10Q41213 5B10Q71253 5B10R32998 5B10R38759 5B10T09079 5B10T09081 5B10W13887 5B10W13888 5B10W13889 5B10W13890 5B10W13930 5B10W13931 5B10W13932 5B10W51833 5B10W51834 5B10W51835 5B10W67165 5B10W67191 5B10W67194 5B10W67215 5B10W67260 5B10W67297 5B10W67310 5B10W67341 5B10W67381 5B10W67403 5B10W67415 5B10W67423 5B10W67428 92P1121 92P1122 92P1123 92P1125 92P1126 92P1167 92P1169 92P1170 92P1171 92P1172 92P1173 92P1174 92P1227 93P5028 93P5029 93P5030 B-5029 B-5029H B-5081 B-5082 B-5115 B-5845 FRU00HW028 FRU00HW029 FRU01AV409 FRU01AV438 FRU01AV439 FRU01AV457 FRU01AV458 G505S L08L6D13 L08O6D01 L08O6D13 L08S6D01 L08S6D12 L08S6D13 L12L4A02 L12L4E01 L12L4E55 L12M4A02 L12M4E01 L12M4E55 L12S4A02 L12S4E01 L13L4A01 L13M4A01 L13S4A01 L14C4E01 L14M2P21 L14M3P24 L14S3P24 L15C3A03 L15M2PB5 L15S3A02 L16C2PB1 L16C2PB2 L16L2PB1 L16L2PB2 L16L2PB3 L16M2PB1 L16M2PB2 L16M2PB3 L16M3P24 L16S2PB1 L16S2PB2 L16S3P24 L17C2PB3 L17C4PB0 L17L2PB L17L2PB3 L17L2PF1 L17L3P51 L17L3P71 L17M2PB3 L17M2PB7 L17M3P7 L17M3P72 L17M4PB0 L18C4PF3 L18L4P71 L18M4P72 LCB499 LCB566 LN-T430X6 SB10F46466 SB10F46467 SB10K97566 SB10K97567 SB10K97579 SB10K97580 SB10K97581 SB10K97582 SB10K97584 SB10K97585 SB10K97597 SB10K97606 SB10K97620 SB10K97622 SB10T83173 SBB0A06182 SBB0N18154
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