Fujitsu Siemens Laptop Batteries, Chargers and Adapters

Rechargeable Laptop Batteries, Mains AC Adapters, DC Car & Aircraft Power Adapters and more...

  • Original Part Numbers

    08033863 21-92356-01 21-92368-01 23GL1GE1F-9A 23GL1GF0F-8A 3S4000-G1S2-04 3S4000-S1S3-04 CP257395-01 CP568422-01 FMVNBP151 FMVNBP152 FMVNBP215 FMVNBP216 FPB0271 FPB0272 FPCBP107 FPCBP118 FPCBP118AP FPCBP147 FPCBP147AP FPCBP148 FPCBP148AP FPCBP334 FPCBP335 FUJ:CP257395-XX FUJ:CP283030-XX L50-3S4000-S1S1 L50-3S4400-C1S5 L50-4S220-S1S5 LCB229 LCB336 LCB639 S26391-F340-L220 UWL:23GL1G0GF-6A UWL:23GL1GA0F-6A UWL:23GL1GA0F-6B UWL:23GL1GA0F-8A UWL:23GL1GE1F-9A UWL:23GL1GF0F-8A UWL:23GL1GF1F-2A UWL:23GL1GF1F-GA
  • Fujitsu Siemens Laptops

    Amilo Li1818 Amilo Li1820 Amilo PA 1510 L1 Amilo PA1510 Amilo PA2510 Amilo PI 1505 L1 Amilo PI 2510 Amilo Pi 2512 Amilo Pi1505 Amilo Pi2512 Amilo Pi2515 Amilo Pro V2010 FMV-BIBLO LOOX Q70TN FMV-Q8220 FMV-Q8230 FMV-Q8240 LifeBook LH532 LifeBook LH532 AP LifeBook Q 2010 LEVEL 1 PARTS LifeBook Q2010 LifeBook S 2110 ALL PARTS LifeBook S2110 LifeBook S6000 LifeBook S6240