Ricoh Digital Camera Batteries, Chargers and Adapters

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Ricoh Digital Cameras


Original Part Numbers

Caplio 10G Caplio 300G Caplio 400G Caplio 400g Wide Caplio 500G wide Caplio G3 Caplio G3s Caplio G4 Caplio G4 Wide Caplio GX8 Caplio R1 Caplio R1s Caplio R1V Caplio R2 Caplio RR10 Caplio RR30 Caplio RR120 Caplio RR211 Caplio RR230 Caplio RR330 Caplio RX Caplio RZ1 R-15 R-15C R-16 R-17C R-18H R-66 R-67 R-86 R-86S R-87H R-88 R-88H R-105 R-105H R-108 R-108H R-200 R-260 R-600S R-610 R-612 R-615 R-618 R-620 R-630 R-630S R-680 R-800H R-801H R-808H R-810 R-830 R-831 R-840 R-850 R-860 R-861 R-865 R-880 R-880H R-880S R-Hi8 RDC -2E RDC -300Z RDC -2006 RDC -4200 RDC -4300 RDC -5000 RDC -5300 ShotMasterZoom 105 Plus Date XR-20SP Program
B-151 B-951 B-9583 B-9708 B-9741 D-LI8 DB-40 DB-50 DL1/3N DR10RES DR11RES DR9708 DRF60RES DRP-2 NP-55 NP-60 NP-77 NP-99
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